PROPRIETERS: Andrew Francisco & Justin Visci

  • Aqua Crisps
  • Andrew Francisco is the previous executive chef at Olivia and is known throughout the central Texas restaurant scene for his surprising gastronomic inventions, heavily influenced by his adolescence spent in Malaysia.
  • Inspired by the prawn crackers and pork rinds he grew up eating there, Andrew invented Aqua Crisps, a vegan snack crisp made from smoked water and tapioca pearls. Aqua Crisps debuted on special menus and as a bar snack with various dips and has been a huge hit with all who have been fortunate enough to try it. He co-founded the Aqua Crisps brand with fellow Olivia veteran Justin Visci. The business, once launched, will donate 2% of its sales to, supporting the effort to provide potable water to developing countries.