Our Vision for the Future

Greenman Consulting envisions a commercial real estate site that will serve as a multi-purpose community hub to enrich local culture and promote client businesses.

Culinary destination »

The Pavilion will provide a permanent home for a selected sample of our established clients. It will serve as a ready-made location where they can hawk their wares, gain visibility, network with other businesses, and cater the gatherings we host.


Pop-up venues »

Pop-up restaurants have gained popularity in recent years as a way to generate buzz around start-ups or inject playfulness into established brick & mortar restaurants. They offer a limited menu for as brief a time as a single night. At The Pavilion, Greenman would offer prospective clients who are involved in our vetting process the opportunity to set up shop for several days.

We'll invite these entrepreneurs to show what they can...


Live music »

In Austin, the live music capital of the world, enjoying delicious food and and a world-class show are inextricably linked for many. Just as Greenman fosters the success of up-and-coming restaurateurs, we will also cater to local Austin bands who are talented yet undiscovered. Concerts at the Pavilion will be regular community events which provide local foodies and music-lovers the chance to discover new talent and revisit old favorites, both...


Charity events »

Social responsibility is at the core of who we are at Greenman. We want to extend our mission to crowdfund budding restaurant concepts to the Austin community at large. We hope to partner with various nonprofit organizations in town to host banquets, galas, fundraisers, etc. catered by the newest culinary stars on the Austin scene.


Farmers markets »

The Pavilion will be a space where food literally goes all the way from farm to table. Picture an Austin-esque Chelsea Market or Ferry Building Marketplace, an ongoing indoor food market with the best local culinary talent, coffee & espresso offerings, and fresh produce stands. It will provide a stable place of...


Gallery openings »

As a center for the cultivation of all things artisan, the Pavilion will host openings for local artists and create a space where various creative media can co-exist. The Pavilion will be a weekend destination for locals and vacationers alike who are seeking a taste of local culture.