Jeff Williams - Website Design & Management

Mr. Williams is co-founder and vice president of creative at SpaceCraft, a locally owned and operated software company providing small businesses with everything they need to create and manage beautiful, effective websites. He focuses on the creative vision for the SpaceCraft brand and is responsible for the design and development of the SpaceCraft product. He also works closely with corporate clients and consults around website strategy for businesses large and small, including food establishments of Austin fame such as ASTI and FINO, Barley Swine, Bartlett's, and Caffe Medici. Prior to joining SpaceCraft, Mr. Williams was a creative director at frog design and also worked at Pentagram Design.


Mr. Williams brings to Greenman a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to create cutting-edge web presences which they can manage and update themselves. He believes that every small business owner has the right to a fantastic website.